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Shauna Roberts…G-Style Hip-Hop/Cardio Hip-Hop/K-Pop:

  Since dancing at the age of 14, Shauna has thrilled audiences (and studio on-lookers) with her unique Hip Hop free-styling. Her dance background includes Gangster Hip Hop, House and Popping, which has led her to create, and teach, her own vision of “Cardio Hip Hop.” This specific genre incorporates and places the focus on hitting hard, yet fluid movements set to a variety of Hip Hop and Rap music. Shauna and her dancers also formed a dance troupe that performs at diverse events and shows. Furthermore, having travelled to New York City and Los Angeles, Shauna has participated in the 2002 dance exposition “Carnival,” and met with acclaimed dancers Dave Scott and B2K. The Center has an assortment of course offerings, and Shauna’s classes during the week have a wide range of students with different dance backgrounds, and open to all ages. Some people have joined her class out of curiosity, while others have used the courses as an inspiration to make better lives for themselves – by getting off the street, and staying in the studio. The classes are open to all levels, from beginner to advanced, so one should not feel intimidated by any lack of dance experience (actually, Shauna has admitted to enjoying teaching “fresh” beginner dancers without any formal training, only to see them later on pick up speed, gain confidence and bring some attitude to her lessons.) That type of energy feeds through the entire class, and creates a special power that unites the participants.

Shauna and her team have a very positive philosophy about the current trend of blending different dance styles. While some complain too many approaches make it hard to see technique done “the right way,” she has acknowledged there is no one way to learn – by grouping together two different dance styles, one can absorb the methods used, and link the differences together. Exposing the diversities to the public will help push forward new ideas and choreographies. Dance will always evolve, and the next crop of brilliant dancers will make it happen (for examples, check out Divya’s blog on The LXD.)

Shauna’s advice to dancers is quite simple and honest: practice your skill! Don’t give up just because a move doesn’t come right away – the best dancers make dancing look natural because of the time and effort they put in to practicing the craft.